Upcoming Events

Uada [USA] + support Kinomaja, Tallinn 

April 14th - Tallinn, Estonia

God Is An Astronaut [IE] + Kaschalot | Tapper 

April 18th - Tallinn, Estonia

Nile [USA] + support | Tapper

April 19th - Tallinn, Estonia

Faun [DE] + Emian [IT] Tapper

March 8th - Tallinn, Estonia​

NADJA (dream sludge, Kanāda)

May 13th - Tallinn, Estonia

Grade 2 [UK] + support | Sveta Baar

June 7th - Tallinn, Estonia

About UCE

UCE Agency is the realization of a lifelong passion for alternative music, with roots in the nu metal and hardcore scene, that has evolved into a specialized agency for the promotion and production of alternative shows in Estonia, and overall Baltics.

Since 2010, the agency has worked diligently to make music accessible for music lovers across the Baltics, becoming an official legal company in 2015. With 15 years of experience in the music industry among its staff, UCE Agency has facilitated more than 500 bands and their agents with exemplary professionalism.

We provide a wide platform to promote foreign artists from extreme rock, metal, hardcore punk, roots and other genres. Through our music solutions we strive on producing quality shows that promise to keep audiences entertained.


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+37255599748 ​

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